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MICRONOC LIQUID SEED INOCULANT is the perfect choice for your planting needs. It contains a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms, azotobacters, rhizobiums, bacillus and mycorrhizae, which work together to give your seeds the best start possible. This product can be applied in the seed trench at the time of planting, or sprayed directly onto the seed prior to planting. With MICRONOC LIQUID SEED INOCULANT, you can be sure that your seeds will have the best chance of success and will be well-nourished and protected from the start.



1 Gal to treats 9 acres in seed trench on 30 inch rows. see label for other row widths.


 Treats 2,250 acres.


Micronoc Liquid Seed Inoculant 250 gallon